South End Sudbury's Unique Fitness Studio

Core & Conditioning

Our one-hour class focuses on movement patterns to help strengthen your core.  High Intensity Interval Training will also burn fat and increase your cardio and conditioning.

Unlike other gyms – we’ll get you and keep you motivated. At FTF we know that everyone is motivated differently and that each path to achieving your fitness goals is unique and personalized.

Our small classes with one-on-one attention from our trainers mean we can make sure you stay on track.

Here’s what to expect when you sign up for FTF’s Core and Conditioning classes:

  • We’ll push you to your limits with a variety of ropes, sleds, fan bikes and rowers.
  • We plan your workout right the first time –  meaning you do it right every time.
  • You’ll thrive and sweat in our award-winning atmosphere.
  • The best of both world’s – personal training brought to a class setting.
  • Our limited class sizes mean no one is left out or gets lost.
  • No waiting around, no machines, no line -ups.
  • We’ll get your heart rate up and you’ll feel your stress drop.

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