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Power Circuit

Our one-hour class uses circuit style training that combines strength movements to help tone muscles and improve over-all conditioning. At FTF we focus on functional strength by utilizing body weight exercises and resistance work with free weights, kettle bells, rings, Yoaks and TRX suspension trainers to get your body in tune and in balance.

Here’s what to expect when you sign up for FTF’s Power Circuit classes:

  • We plan your workout right the first time –  meaning you do it right every time.
  • You’ll thrive and sweat in our award-winning atmosphere.
  • The best of both world’s – personal training brought to a class setting.
  • Our limited class sizes mean no one is left out or gets lost.
  • No waiting around, no machines, no line -ups.
  • We’ll get your heart rate up and you’ll feel your stress drop.

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