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Zak Sivret

Zak Sivret

Zak Sivret

Owner / Founder
Specializes in one-on-one training, movement practice and group classes.


Zak can best be described as a man on the move…literally, rarely standing still, you will typically find him swinging from the bars or walking on his hands. He has quickly gained a reputation as one of the best movers around. A graduate of Cambrian College’s Physical Fitness and Leisure Management Program with a versatile background in multiple sports like Karate, basketball, volleyball and extensive training in gymnastics and parkour, Zak has quickly become one of Sudbury’s most sought-after trainers. His drive to continually learn and improve his own performance and movement help him push his clients to achieve their goals and beyond. Previous experience in coaching gymnastics and parkour not only provide him with insight into body movement and mechanics but a special ability to coach other young athletes at LVX Fitness Studio.  Whether he is training an experienced athlete, a client recovering from injury or getting someone moving for the first time he is able to equally apply his extensive knowledge and wicked sense of humor to get them to their goals and make sure they have fun along the way. 

His inventive approach ensures that no two classes are ever the same and that sessions are never boring. Clients can be found sweating their butts off  when Zak is in charge, using his style and creativity to create a challenging yet fun environment to help clients reach their goals.

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