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What Our Members Say

“LVX Fitness Studio has literally changed my life in such a positive way. If you want to be the best you, then you need to come and try out a class.”

Dana Kinsella-Pratt

“LVX Fitness Studio has a friendly environment where everyone feels welcomed and comfortable. I loved the 8-week women’s bootcamp and I’m so happy they are starting another program. Recommend this place to anyone!”

Amélie Michelle

“The instructors are really good at creating the perfect atmosphere that encourages you to challenge yourself at any fitness level. Love this place!”

Summer Chase

“Amazing gym. Best workout ever for young and slightly older.”

Carol Stanyon

“It’s an all body workout, friendly atmosphere, trainers are down to earth, and they are there to see results in their trainees. Excellent establishment and clean.”

Fred Constantin

“First timer! Great Core and Conditioning Class, friendly staff and good ambiance. I will definitely be going back.”

Mel Nabigon

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