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Zak Sivret

Owner / Founder


6+ years

Fitness and Leisure Management diploma, Canfit Pro Certification

Movement, Balance, Functional and sport specific training as well as Calisthenics & Gymnastics training

Gymnastics, parkour, martial arts, dance, multiple team sports and pretty much anything that challenges movement


A graduate of Cambrian College’s Physical Fitness and Leisure Management Program, a Canfit Pro Certified trainer, his drive to continually learn and improve his own performance and movement help him push his clients to achieve their goals and beyond.

Zac brings to the gym a versatile background in multiple sports like Karate, basketball, volleyball and extensive training in gymnastics and parkour, where he has quickly become one of Sudbury’s most sought-after trainers.

Contact Zak today to book your consultation or to get started. Whether he is training an experienced athlete, a client recovering from injury or getting someone moving for the first time he is able to equally apply his extensive knowledge and wicked sense of humor to get them to their goals and make sure they have fun along the way.